Nanny Bodyguard (Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense) (Bachelor Bodyguards, Book 5)

Nanny Bodyguard (Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense) (Bachelor

Payne Protection's latest hire has a secret agenda…but his heart keeps getting in the way!Digital security specialist Nikki Payne is eager to prove herself. So when former marine Lars Ecklund asks for her help in tracking down his sister, Nikki happily volunteers her services. But she doesn't anticipate loving her role as nanny and bodyguard to a baby they're protecting…or uncovering a raging hunger for Lars.To find out what happened to his sibling, Lars must get into a fortified mansion and track down an elusive lawyer. But his fierce desire for Nikki is complicating everything. Putting the stunning spitfire in danger doesn't sit easily with him, yet he has no choice if he's to rescue his sister and create a future with this new family.


My Naive Little Nanny (English Edition)

My Naive Little Nanny (English

"Did you think that I didn't notice you watching me in the shower, Mr. Tork?"My wife and I had decided to take a temporary separation, in hopes that it would help solve some of our marital problems. But with her out of the house and me with a demanding job, I was forced to hire a nanny to take care of our two little kids. After the first day of holding interviews, I nearly give up. None of the women seem like a good fit and most of them are so old that I'm worried they won't make it through a week of dealing with my crazy kids. But on the second day of interviews, a sweet young girl named Nikki walks through my door. She's petite, beautiful and full of energy. My only concern is that she's 18 years old with virtually no life experience. I decide to give her the benefit of the doubt, though, and she far exceeds my expectations. But things take an interesting turn when I come home from a long work trip to find her showering with the bathroom door open. Can I resist her perfect, firm body? Will I be able to control myself in her presence or will my animal instincts get the best of me? Will Nikki use my lack of control against me and make me have my way with her hard and without protection?This 9000 word story features a beautiful and seemingly innocent 18 year old girl being seduce...

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Mother 's Day Geschenk Nanny Script Schürze für Kochen Backen, Garten-Zwei Pocket Schürze für Oma oder Mom Apron Heliconia

Mother 's Day Geschenk Nanny Script Schürze für

Das Beste Geschenk für Muttertag für Oma und Mama. Eine Schürze ist ein tolles Geschenk, weil sie keine Sorgen mehr um einen finden Sie die richtige Größe für die Empfänger, und es kann verwendet und geschätzt für die kommenden Jahre Mit diesem langlebig, leicht, mit zwei Taschen Schürze hält die Flecken, Spritzern und Überraschungen fern. Diese Schürze ist perfekt für jeden Haushalt Aktivität, wie dem Backen, Kochen, Grillen, Grillen und Reinigen - ist aber auch ein tolles Geschenk für Gärtner, Bastler, Künstler, und andere Hobby, wo zusätzliche Abdeckung ist hilfreich. Sie verdienen eine Schürze, wie lebendige und lustige so wie du bist.

  • Color: Apron Heliconia
  • Brand: ThisWear
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The Childcare Bible: The ultimate guide to all forms of childcare: nannies, maternity nurses, au pairs, nurseries, childminders, relatives and babysitters

The Childcare Bible: The ultimate guide to all

For single parent families as well as those with two working parents, organising formal childcare can seem complicated and daunting. How are you to navigate your way through all the options available, work out what you can afford and plan all this around you or your partner returning to work?In The Childcare Bible Lucy Martin offers clear, comprehensive guidance on the world of nannies, nurseries, childminders, and much more. As an ex-solicitor, working mother of three children and owner of a successful nanny-finding business Lucy is excellently placed to give you the best advice on how to negotiate the childcare minefield. Having interviewed parents across the country to ensure the widest range of concerns and issues are covered, The Childcare Bible tells you everything you need to know, including:- What types of childcare are available and what they each offer- How to evaluate a childcare provider or childcare setting- What financial support you can get and how it works - How to interview nannies and the relevant employment law issues- How to decide whether returning to work is right for you- What your rights are on returning to workWith checklists and case studies, this essential guide sets out the pros and cons, costs and implications of all available options. Accompanied by ...

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Don't Wake Nanny (English Edition)

Don't Wake Nanny (English

"This has got to be my lucky day..."Our sweet daytime nanny, Annie, asks to come stay with us over night when she finds out that her apartment is infested with mice…and I couldn't be more excited. The first morning that she's there, I catch her showering and I'm more than impressed by what I see. But things get even more interesting later that night, when my wife leaves town and Annie and I are left alone… Annie goes to bed early and I sneak into her room to surprise her. But it seems I'm not the only one with a surprise. Will our night end with a restful sleep, or will it involve me having my way with Annie, deep, hard and without protection? This 6500 word story features a sexy and muscular man in his mid-30's becoming involved with a beautiful 18-year-old woman.


Spanking the Nannies (Older Man, Domination, Forbidden) (English Edition)

Spanking the Nannies (Older Man, Domination, Forbidden) (English

Three nannies need to be punished, the men of the house are more than willing to give it to them. This bundle contains 3 Taboo Nanny Relations: Spanking the NannyPunishing the MaidNanny Caught on CameraEach of these Nannies have been caught doing very bad things. The men in the house will have to punish their inexperienced and first time nannies. They are willing to do it by spanking, pulling, going in bareback, and paddling their nannies into submission.

  • ASIN: B00TKGX570

Horny MILF Hires a Nanny: A Hotwife Story (English Edition)

Horny MILF Hires a Nanny: A Hotwife Story

Hotwife and newly crowned MILF Katie loves being a wife, a mother and most of all, a lover. So why has the sex in her marriage dried up? Before and during pregnancy, buff husband Jerrod sex drive was relentless so something must have changed, right?Despite her curves being just as ferocious as when they had first met, Katie is feeling low on confidence and missing Jerrod’s touch has left her hornier than ever. She realises that to save her marriage she needs to spend more time pleasing her husband and so looks into hiring a nanny. Jerrod seems too eager and Katie’s jealousy gets the best of her so to avoid putting temptation in her marital home, she looks instead for a male nanny.She hires Ray, a young, tantalisingly sexy, black man. She knows that she can’t resist him but he knows just how to make Katie feel like more than just a mother. Left with the opportunity to have the nanny all day, Katie becomes the infidelity risk in her marriage. What started off as an innocent affair, eventually becomes the only thing that can pacify the lack of intimacy with her husband.

  • ASIN: B01GUR40PW

Punishing the Nannies (Bundle, Domination, Menage) (English Edition)

Punishing the Nannies (Bundle, Domination, Menage) (English

Three nannies sign a contract and it entails a most severe punishment from the men of the house. This bundle contains 3 Taboo Nanny Relations: Nanny for PunishmentNanny for SpankingNanny for the TakingEach of these Nannies have been doing a bad job. The men in the house will have to punish their inexperienced and first-time nannies. They are willing to do it by spanking, pulling, going in bareback, paddling, menage, and on camaera tp get their nannies into submission.


Babysitter's First Time: Cara: (First Time Pregnancy Age Play Older Man Younger Woman Erotica) (Babysitters' First Time Book 1) (English Edition)

Babysitter's First Time: Cara: (First Time Pregnancy Age

Cara often babysits for Mr. Thorpe, but when he calls her up late one night and asks her to come over on such short notice, she can't help but feel a little suspicious. And when he comes home earlier than expected, his wife still out at dinner with her friends, and asks her to share a bottle of champagne with him, she can't possibly refuse...can she? But Cara soon finds out that Mr. Thorpe has more on his mind than celebrating over a bottle of wine. Tonight he wants to take her hot, hard, and without protection and he's not about to take 'no' for an answer.Disclaimer:This naughty 6,100 word story contains steamy erotic scenes and plenty of dirty talk, and is therefore only appropriate for readers over the age of 18.

Uniform Für Nanny Video