Learn to Write Dax: A Practical Guide to Learning Power Pivot for Excel and Power Bi

Learn to Write Dax: A Practical Guide to

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Head First Data Analysis: A learner's guide to big numbers, statistics, and good decisions

Head First Data Analysis: A learner's guide to


Financial Modeling: An Introductory Guide to Excel and VBA Applications in Finance (Global Financial Markets)

Financial Modeling: An Introductory Guide to Excel and

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to modern financial modeling using Excel, VBA, standards of financial modeling and model review.  It offers guidance on essential modeling concepts around the four core financial activities in the modern financial industry today: financial management; corporate finance; portfolio management and financial derivatives. Written in a highly practical, market focused manner, it gives step-by-step guidance on modeling practical problems in a structured manner. Quick and interactive learning is assured due to the structure as a training course which includes applied examples that are easy to follow. All applied examples contained in the book can be reproduced step by step with the help of the Excel files. The content of this book serves as the foundation for the training course Certified Financial Modeler.In an industry that is becoming increasingly complex, financial modeling is a key skill for practitioners across all key sectors of finance and banking, where complicated problems often need to be solved quickly and clearly. This book will equip readers with the basic modeling skills required across the industry today.

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Power Pivot and Power Bi: The Excel User's Guide to Dax, Power Query, Power Bi & Power Pivot in Excel 2010-2016

Power Pivot and Power Bi: The Excel User's

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Mastering Excel: PowerPivot (English Edition)

Mastering Excel: PowerPivot (English

PowerPivot is a big deal for Excel. PowerPivot is a new feature where Excel will load data into a Data Model that can handle millions of rows. You can create relationships between tables, build hierarchies and improve the already extensive data analysis capabilities of Excel.In this lesson, I show you how to install Power Pivot, connect to various data sources, build relationships, add time based intelligence to the Data Model and I throw is some more tricks along the way.You must have Excel 2010 or later to use PowerPivot. The screenshots in the lesson are from Excel 2016. Earlier version will look a little different but not substantially so.This lesson come with several follow along workbooks that you can use to work through the exercises as you read the book.


SimQuick: Process Simulation with Excel, 3rd Edition (English Edition)

SimQuick: Process Simulation with Excel, 3rd Edition (English

This booklet accompanies a software package called SimQuick. SimQuick is a freely-distributed Excel spreadsheet (with macros) for building simulation models of processes: waiting lines, supply chains, manufacturing facilities, and project scheduling. SimQuick is easy to learn, easy to use, and flexible in its modeling capability. Recently updated (2016), it has been used in industry and in educational settings since 2001. If you can open an Excel spreadsheet on your computer (PC or Mac), then you can immediately use SimQuick. This 3rd edition booklet presents the basics of process simulation by having the reader construct, run, and analyze simulations of realistic processes using SimQuick. It contains a wide variety of examples and exercises based on processes such as: a bank, a 1-800 call center, a fast food restaurant, a hospital emergency room, an airport security system, an inventory management system, and a software development project. The booklet supports either a quick introduction to process simulation (in as little as an hour or two of class time or independent reading), or a more in-depth treatment. To read more about this booklet and SimQuick, and to download a free copy of the SimQuick software, go to SimQuick.net.


Beginning Power BI with Excel 2013: Self-Service Business Intelligence Using Power Pivot, Power View, Power Query, and Power Map

Beginning Power BI with Excel 2013: Self-Service Business

Understanding your company’s data has never been easier than with Microsoft’s new Power BI package for Excel 2013. Consisting of four powerful tools—Power Pivot, Power View, Power Query and Power Maps—Power BI makes self-service business intelligence a reality for a wide range of users, bridging the traditional gap between Excel users, business analysts and IT experts and making it easier for everyone to work together to build the data models that can give you game-changing insights into your business.Beginning Power BI with Excel 2013 guides you step by step through the process of analyzing and visualizing your data. Daniel R. Clark, an expert in BI training and a regular speaker on these topics, takes you through each tool in turn, using hands-on activities to consolidate what you’ve learned in each chapter. Starting with Power Pivot, you will create robust scalable data models which will serve as the foundation of your data analysis. Once you have mastered creating suitable data models, you will use them to build compelling interactive visualizations in Power View. It’s often necessary to combine data from disparate sources into a data model. Power Query allows you to easily discover, combine, and refine data from a variety of sources, so you can make accurate judg...


DAX Power Pivot & Data Modelling in Excel 2016: How to Analyse Data with Excel 2016's Data Analysis Tools (English Edition)

DAX Power Pivot & Data Modelling in Excel

Learn the Undeniable Benefits of Power Pivot in 10 Easy StepsPower Pivot – it’s now 2 words, not one – dispenses with the cost of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis consultants and hands over the power to YOU the end user. Gone are the days of waiting for IT to provide the data you need to manipulate and report on only to find what’s been provided isn’t what you asked for…Import the data directly into Excel – "hey, this isn’t new...", I hear you cry, "...we’ve always been able to do that!" BUT, Power Pivot laughs in the face of the 1M row threshold in Excel worksheets.Power Pivot brings new capabilities that enables manipulation of hundreds of millions of rows of data. Creating relationships between tables of data negates the need for VLOOKUP. Reducing the time it takes to shape your data - is one of the major benefits of this awesome tool.Data Analysis, Business Intelligence and Insights emerge with Measures. These portable calculations are created with Power Pivot’s Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) formula language and can be dropped into ANY pivot table – yes, that’s right – they can be dropped into ANY pivot table.Well constructed DAX measures, simplify the reporting process and transform the typical end user into super-hero status that will pr...

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DAX Power Pivot Time Intelligence - 10 Easy Steps: Standard & 4-4-5 Custom Calendars (English Edition)

DAX Power Pivot Time Intelligence - 10 Easy

This course builds upon the skills learned in the first course in this series DAX Power Pivot – 10 Easy Steps for Beginners. I’m going to assume you are up-to-speed with the basics but I highly recommend you check out my first eBook course first if you haven’t.You have already gotten your hands dirty with Power Pivot and DAX functions so you know how awesome it is. Now you are ready to take your skills to the next level by delving deeper and acquiring a more thorough understanding of how Power Pivot handles Time data. Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) includes Time Intelligence functions to support the needs of Business Intelligence analysis by enabling you to manipulate data using time periods, including days, months, quarters, and years, and then build and compare calculations over those periods.The first part of the course concentrates on DAX time-ready functions ideal for a standard calendar – the kind you hang on your wall. So, if that’s how you roll at work – this is perfect for you.The second half raises the stakes and you will learn how to manipulate DAX to generate your own custom functions to work with 4-4-5 custom calendars used in many different industries including retail. In order to do this, I’ll introduce you to some new DAX functions that will elevate...

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