Sex Addiction Treatment - by Dr. Mary Anne Fifield - a 3-day Training Course for Addiction Specialists

Sex Addiction Treatment - by Dr. Mary Anne

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Betty Pariso


Betty Pariso is well known as one of the top women heavyweights in the IFBB. We first met her at the 1993 Junior Nationals when she was compenting in the Junior Nationals, and WPW did 1/2 hour of video at that show, originally released on WPW 234. We also had another brief session with her in 1995 in contest shape again, for 20 minutes only, which was on WPW 307. WPW never got the chance to do a complete session, with gymwork and interview, but the Ray Martin Company was able to get about an hour with her in 1996 when she was in top contest shape again, doing one of their Ray Martin 'Skits'. To fill out this title, we have also included four of her pro contest evening routines from 1997 - 1999, when she had really put some quality muscle on her physique. For the WPW and RM posing, Betty poses in bikinis and dresses and she was always in beautiful defined shape topped off by facial beauty (she was a fashion model at one time) and great blonde hairstyles, and this new title shows her over a 6 year time period, going from a slender amateur to one of the best pro physiques of all time.

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Claudia Mountford-Wagner


Women Bodybuildung Star Claudia Mountford-Wagner! Claudia was a national caliber bodybuilder from Virginia (competing for many years during the 1990's - with this video produced in 1994 at her peak) known in sport as a beautiful brunette, but her, she wears a great looking platinum blonde hairpiece, posing in several bikini / lingerie / dress items while acting in a 'skit/scenario' with one of her local girlfriends. Claudia had a great physique, including fabulous arms, and is just a beautiful as a blonde as when she was brunette! Chapters: Makeup in Lingerie Oiling Up and Posing in Bikini White Mini-Skirt Black Lingerie Blue Lingerie Red Mini-Skirt

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Napali Video - DVD - NVP 316 - The Training of Chloe

Napali Video - DVD - NVP 316 -

Leanna Foxxx tangles with Euro-sensation Chloe in a mean, nude cat-fight.

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Sex Arena - Spring Break Video Background

Sex Arena - Spring Break Video

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Large Print Movies From The 1990s Word Search: With Movie Pictures | Extra-Large, For Adults & Seniors | Have Fun Solving These Nineties Hollywood ... Puzzles! (Large Print Puzzle Books, Band 4)

Large Print Movies From The 1990s Word Search:

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Professionelles Posing: Der Ratgeber für Fotografen und Models. Grundlagen und neue Trends. Leicht erklärt - perfekt für Anfänger.

Professionelles Posing: Der Ratgeber für Fotografen und Models.

Der Posing-Ratgeber für Fotografen und ModelsFür alle, die sich großartige Fotos von Menschen wünschen: Dieser Ratgeber hilft Fotografen und Models, ihre Bildergebnisse durch professionelles und zeitgemäßes Posing deutlich zu verbessern. Viele Beispiel-Abbildungen und einfache Übungen liefern dir eine schier unendliche Palette an Posing-Ideen. Perfekt für alle Fotografen und Models, die sich bei der Suche nach modernen Posen unsicher fühlen und endlich authentische Fotos möchten!Alle Grundlagen und neue Trends verständlich erklärt.

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Lust Empire: An Erotic LitRPG Novella (English Edition)

Lust Empire: An Erotic LitRPG Novella (English

One virtual world. Countless hot babes to conquer...As soon as Miles starts playing Endless Empire, the popular new virtual reality RPG, he finds at rock bottom. The lowly serf is thrown into a dark chamber, imprisoned for his bad behavior. But the beautiful, curvaceous maiden who comes to his aid hasn't been with a man in ages, and she can't keep her hands off him.Emboldened by the encounter, Miles makes his way through the virtual empire and takes on new roles as he levels up. However, the sexy female characters are the real stars of this imaginary universe. From the scantily-clad tribe of hotties he meets in the desert to the petite, adorable blondes he accidentally transforms into voluptuous bimbos, Miles has never met so many gorgeous women who are hungry with lust.The game reaches its climax on a remote island, where Miles and his army encounter a castle filled with busty beauties. But nothing in this game is quite what it seems. Miles discovers that he must vanquish a hidden foe and rescue a princess to achieve victory...This 27,000-word novella contains elements of LitRPG, magical bimbo transformations, BE expansion, hot threesomes, and much more! It was originally published as a 5-part serial.

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Tropical Island Hotwife Introduction: A Hotwife Journey (English Edition)

Tropical Island Hotwife Introduction: A Hotwife Journey (English

Brit and James, thirty-ish couple. They met in college and married afterward. James realizes he likes watching Brit flirt but is naive to the path simple flirting can lead to.They are a great match but something is missing now several years into their marriage. Sex has become mundain and far less frequent until James sees Brit being hit on again after there move to Charleston. The excitement is rekindled, things spiral to new heights as James fantasies become reality. What does this mean for them and can James deal with the constant knot he feels in his gut?

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