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The Broken Mirror

The Broken

Can desire really transform reality? From award-winning novelist Jonathan Coe and distinguished Italian artist Chiara Coccorese comes The Broken Mirror, a political parable for children, a contemporary fairy tale for adults, and a fable for all ages.One day Claire, to escape her quarrelsome parents, takes refuge in the dump behind her house. There she finds a broken mirror, a nasty piece of sharp glass… yet she is strangely drawn to it. She soon discovers it has the power to transform even the most drab reality into a fairy-tale world: the grey sky is reflected blue, and Claire’s modest, suburban house is transformed into the most beautiful castle. As Claire grows older, always accompanied by her magic mirror, she can see her face without her teenage acne, and her town before it fell victim to thieving property developers. But, in reality, libraries are being turned into luxury flats wherever she looks, and the boy Claire loves is instead her worst enemy.Frustrated and angry with the mirror’s illusions, Claire is about to destroy it when the mysterious Peter steps in: he has also found a shard of broken mirror, and so begins their journey to piece together the larger puzzle…Previously published in Italian, French, Greek and Dutch, The Broken Mirror comes to life in Englis...

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Call My Name (Dillon Francis Remix) [feat. Skylar Astin]

Call My Name (Dillon Francis Remix) [feat. Skylar

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Call My Name

Call My

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Call My Name [feat. Skylar Astin]

Call My Name [feat. Skylar


Phantom Limbs (My Great Ghost Remix) [feat. My Great Ghost]

Phantom Limbs (My Great Ghost Remix) [feat. My

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Phantom Limbs (The-Drum Remix) [feat. the Drum]

Phantom Limbs (The-Drum Remix) [feat. the

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Phantom Limbs


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Night Call (feat. Olga Kouklaki)

Night Call (feat. Olga

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