The all time classic is back! Berlin, 1945: The allies unleashed the second world war hero Maximan upon the German super soldier Masterman. Maximan's defeat was only kept secret by the nuclear bomb which destroyed both men. Forty-plus years later, and twenty years after a generation of '60s British superpowered heroes came and went, the teenage pop star Zenith is the only superhuman left - and his only interest in women, drugs, alchohol and fame. So when he is contacted about the threat from the many-angled ones and the impending destruction of our world, his first reaction is to steer well clear. But the superhumans of the past have other plans...

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Zenith: Phase 3

Zenith: Phase

  • ASIN: 1781083215

Zenith: Phase 2

Zenith: Phase

  • ASIN: 1781082782

Zenith: Phase 4

Zenith: Phase

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Zenith (O.C.): Zenith: Fase cuatro

Zenith (O.C.): Zenith: Fase

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Zenith (O.C.): Zenith: Fase dos

Zenith (O.C.): Zenith: Fase

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Zenith (O.C.): Zenith: Fase uno

Zenith (O.C.): Zenith: Fase

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Zenith (4 Book Series)

Zenith (4 Book

From Book 1: THE EPIC SUPERHUMAN SAGA BEGINS!Berlin, 1945: British war hero Maximan lies defeated at the feet of German ‘Ubermensch’ Masterman. His victory is short-lived, as the allies drop a nuclear bomb on their location, killing both men.Over fort

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Zenith: Fase Due (Collection)

Zenith: Fase Due

È il 1988 e Zenith è più famoso che mai, dopo la vittoria contro i Lloigor. Ma ora arriva il turno di affrontare un nemico ancora più insidioso: il creatore dei supereroi britannici originali. Zenith deve impedire la distruzione di Londra e, contemporaneamente, affrontare il proprio passato!

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