From Now On...7 Provisions for Christian Growth

From Now On...7 Provisions for Christian

It has been an inspiration and a challenge to know Ralph Shallis over the past several years. He is a man who knows God, as you will soon detect as you read the pages of this penetrating book. I find everywhere that Christians are failing to grow up into fullness in Christ and this book in many ways meets the need of the hour. It teaches us how we can grow to become matured disciples of Jesus Christ. It is written by a man who has put these things into practice for several decades. The Lord has already wonderfully used this book in the French speaking world and I know He will use it now among those of us who speak English. My prayer is that many will not only read it but also distribute it widely in their ministry to others. —George Verwer Written 1981

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Enjoy Your Bible

Enjoy Your

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[(Robert C. Chapman: 70 Years of Serving the Lord )] [Author: Frank Holmes] [Nov-2008]

[(Robert C. Chapman: 70 Years of Serving the

Robert C. Chapman "Study of this biography is bound to be profitable, and if leaders among the Lord's people take the lesson to heart the results will be incalculable." -James H. Large Immeasurable would be the impact on the world, If each person who read this, biography of Robert Chapman, were to live out Christ even half as well as Chapman did. Read how the Lord guided and provided for Robert Chapman during his long life of service. Be touched, influenced and changed, as many were in his day, by Robert's willingness to be guided because of his submission and devotion to his Saviour. Chapman's sacrifice and service of love to the Lord's people seems unparalleled in today's w...

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Disciples Manual, The

Disciples Manual,

The Disciple's Manual is pure, undiluted Christianity. What every disciple is called to is as radical as it comes. For more than half a century, practicing and proclaiming biblical discipleship has been the author's heart-beat. This is that life's ministry captured for you in a book. Hundreds of practical helps on the key issues.

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True Discipleship ENGLISH with Study Guide

True Discipleship ENGLISH with Study

Am I ignitable? A disciple can be forgiven if he does not have great mental ability or physical prowess. But he cannot be excused if he does not have zeal. If his heart is not aflame with a red-hot passion for the Saviour, he stands condemned. After all, Christians are followers of the One who said, "Zeal for Your house has eaten Me up" (John. 2:17). Their Saviour was consumed with a passion for God and for his interests. Those who are constrained by the love of Christ will count no sacrifice too great to make for Him.

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True Discipleship (with Study Guide): Am I Ignitable?

True Discipleship (with Study Guide): Am I

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Enjoy Your Bible by William MacDonald (2001-09-01)

Enjoy Your Bible by William MacDonald


Gospels of Mark & John a Folio of Note Cards (Mixed media product) - Common

Gospels of Mark & John a Folio of

Gospels of Mark & John a Folio of Note Cards

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One Day at a Time: Paperback

One Day at a Time:

That's the way you have to live life- 'One Day At A Time'. But it is how you live each day that makes all the difference. There's no better way to start and finish the day than with an encouraging portion from God's Word. Each daily meditation is just a page long, but with each Scripture presented in a fresh way, William MacDonald stirs your heart to practical devotedness to the Lord. One way to ensure that our days on earth count for God is to fill our minds and hearts with the "engrafted Word" that we might grow by it. This is a book of invigorating meditations on the Scriptures from the crisp, Christ-exalting writings of William MacDonald. These devotionals are not intended to replace the reading of the Word, but to stimulate your thinking in Scripture, and, by God's grace, to help you apply the truth to your daily walk.

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