The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game (English Edition)

The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game (English

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German Champion: Die Geschichte meiner NFL-Karriere

German Champion: Die Geschichte meiner

Wie schafft man es als deutscher American-Football-Spieler in die NFL? Die beeindruckende Geschichte von Sebastian Vollmer zeigt: Talent reicht nicht, genauso wichtig sind unbändiger Wille, Training und Liebe zum Sport.In diesem Buch gibt Vollmer bisher unbekannte Einblicke in sein Leben: Er erzählt, wie er mit zwei Koffern in den Händen und Sprachproblemen im Gepäck in Amerika ankam, dort die Liebe seines Lebens kennenlernte und feststellen musste, wie schwer das Privatleben mit dem extrem harten Job als Footballer vereinbar ist. Zu ständig neuen Verletzungen und unzähligen Operationen kommt noch der Druck durch die Öffentlichkeit, Trainer und Mitspieler. Doch der Ausnahmesportler biss sich durch, ergatterte 2003 ein Footballstipendium an einem US-College, schaffte 2009 den Sprung in die NFL und wurde schließlich als "Bodyguard" Tom Bradys zur festen Größe – und zum German Champion.

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The Blind Side: An Ernest Lamb Mystery (English Edition)

The Blind Side: An Ernest Lamb Mystery (English

“Anybody could have told you what Ross was like.”“They did tell me,” said Mavis tearfully. “That’s why I did it.”Ross Craddock was just the type to be murdered. The new landlord of Craddock house, he begins by giving eviction notice to his aunt Lucy. He threatens the doorman with dismissal. He makes a violent and unwelcome pass to his cousin Mavis. He is vindictive and spiteful and ends up dead. The suspects include Lee who may have walked in her sleep and killed him out of unconscious fear. Or Peter who may have found Ross’ advances to Mavis unbearable. Or aunt Lucy who unexpectedly came back. Or possibly Bobby who was still in love with Mavis and furious that she was seen with Ross. The answer will be yet another Wentworth twist.The Blind Side was originally published in 1939. This new edition features an introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans.“When I pick up a book by Patricia Wentworth I think, now to enjoy myself—and I always do.” Mary Dell, Daily Mirror

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Blind Side


It was supposed to be a pleasant autumn walk in a quiet canyon with her German shepherd. But when Noletta Fahr stumbles upon a murder scene, the young law student becomes the next victim. Believing his bullet has killed Noletta, the murderer flees. But later he finds out firsthand she has survived. However, his alarm quickly turns to smug complacency when he learns she has been blinded by his actions and can't recognize him. But Noletta's dog, which has now been trained as a guide dog, is another matter: it seems to remember that fateful day-and him. As detective Martin Atkinson investigates the theft of the dog, his instincts tell him there is more to this routine case than meets the eye. What follows is a fast-paced, page-turning tale of intrigue, deception, betrayal, and romance-and a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit. Gifted author Clair M. Poulson once again delivers an action-drenched plot, believable characters, and heart-pounding suspense that make Blind Side impossible to put down. A must-read for LDS fiction lovers!

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Faithless: (Grant County series 5)

Faithless: (Grant County series

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Liar's Poker: From the author of the Big Short

Liar's Poker: From the author of the Big

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Keep You By My Side: a novel about love, lies and family (English Edition)

Keep You By My Side: a novel about

Are family secrets the ties that bind or the lies that divide?The secrets of one family live in the walls of a cottage perched high on a Dorset cliff. But secrets can only be kept for so long.Follow three generations of a family from war-torn London, to the permissive 60s and liberated 80s. Gertie, Rose and Abi live through joy, tragedy and heartache as they navigate complicated mother-daughter relationships and learn the importance of friends and finding love. When circumstances force them under the same roof, secrets begin to unravel and promises made in love threaten to tear them apart.How far would you go to protect the people you love?What everyone is saying about Keep You By My Side:"a book about, love, friendship, and the reverberating echoes of the past. I did not want to put it down and now that I’ve finished it, I am bereft" Lisa Timoney - reviewer "From page one this book had me hooked." Gail Atkins - reviewer"an endearing story, tying together generations of a typical family, with quirks and heroics, traditions and secrets, all the things that make life whole." Bonnye Reed Fry - reviewer Callie Langridge is the best-selling author of A Time to Change. Keep You By My Side is an emotional and heart-warming tale, which will appeal to fans of books like Postcards f...


I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness, to The Blind Side, and Beyond (English Edition)

I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness, to The

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State of Play: Under the Skin of the Modern Game (English Edition)

State of Play: Under the Skin of the

LONGLISTED FOR THE 2018 WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARDAward-winning author of The Nowhere Men, Living on the Volcano and No Hunger in Paradise returns with his magnum opus on the state of modern footballFirst he revealed the extraordinary lives of football scouts in The Nowhere Men.Next he unearthed the pressures on football managers in Living on the Volcano.Then he chronicled the hardships of young players striving to make it in No Hunger in Paradise.Now in State of Play, in what marks the pinnacle of a career investigating the human stories of football, award-winning writer Michael Calvin turns his eye to the biggest story of all - the game itself.From mental health to money, concussion to Champions league, fan-owners to oligarchs, women's football to world cups, Calvin gets under the skin of the beautiful game, and reveals why it is truly the game of our lives.Based on hundreds of hours of interviews with leading figures around the world, from Arsene Wenger to Steven Gerrard, Calvin reveals the winners, the losers, the politics, the pleasure, the hope, and the despair of the world's most popular sport.

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