Blender 2.7: Das umfassende Handbuch für die Praxis – mit allen Werkzeugen, Funktionen und Techniken

Blender 2.7: Das umfassende Handbuch für die Praxis

Das umfassende Handbuch für die Praxis - mit allen Werkzeugen, Funktionen und TechnikenGebundenes BuchDie Neuauflage des beliebten Blender-Klassikers - Aktuell ab Version 2.79!Alle Werkzeuge, Funktionen und TechnikenZum Lernen und NachschlagenMit zahlreichen Praxis-Workshops und Insider-TippsDieses Praxisbuch bietet einen grundlegenden Einstieg in die Software und in die Grundlagen des 3D-Designs. Es begleitet Sie vom Modelling über Texturing und Shading, die Beleuchtung, Rigging und Animation bis hin zu Simulation, Rendering und Postproduktion. In Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen konstruieren, modellieren und animieren Sie Ihre eigenen 3D-Objekte. So simulieren Sie z. B. Feuer und Rauch und rücken Ihre 3D-Modelle ins rechte Licht. Das ideale Lern- und Nachschlagewerk für alle Anwender!Aus dem Inhalt:GrundlagenBenutzeroberflächeBedienkonzepte, EditorenDatenblöcke und ObjekteMit Ebenen arbeitenModelling & TexturingMeshes, Kurven, ModifierSculpting, PaintingShadingMaterialien und TexturenAnimation & RiggingKeyframes, PfadanimationShape KeysRigging und SkinningWeight PaintingInszenierungHaare, Gras & PartikelsimulationenFlüssigkeiten, Feuer & RauchRigid BodiesPhysiksimulationenLichtquellen: Point, Sun u. v. m.Dreipunktbeleuchtung & IBLRenderingBI-Renderer, CyclesBilder und An...

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Blender Cycles: Lighting and Rendering Cookbook

Blender Cycles: Lighting and Rendering

In DetailBlender provides a broad spectrum of modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and video post-processing functionality in one package. It provides cross-platform interoperability, extensibility and a tightly integrated workflow. Blender is one of the most popular Open Source 3D graphics applications in the world.Modern GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) have some limitations for rendering complex scenes. This is mainly because of limited memory, and interactivity issues when the same graphics card is also used for displaying and rendering frames. This is where Cycles rendering engine comes into play. Cycles is bundled as an add-on with Blender. Some of the features of Cycles is its quality, speed and having integrated industry standard libraries.This book will show you how to carry out your first steps in Cycles - a brand new rendering engine for Blender. In a gradual and logical way, you will learn how to create complex shaders and lighting setups to face any kind of situation that you may find in Computer Graphics.This book provides information on how to setup your first application in Cycles. You will start by adding lights, materials, and textures to your scene. When it’s time for the final render, you will see how to setup Cycles in the best way. You will learn about ...


Blender 2.7 - Das umfassende Training (PC+Mac+Linux) von Sebastian König

Blender 2.7 - Das umfassende Training (PC+Mac+Linux) von

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Texture Magic: Procedural Textures for Blender Cycles (English Edition)

Texture Magic: Procedural Textures for Blender Cycles (English

A visual reference for creating procedural textures in Blender Cycles. This book is mostly pictures of textures and their node trees with some explanation about how the nodes and their settings work. It is intended to save you time experimenting with nodes to get a certain look as I have done it for you. From there, you can springboard as high as your imagination will take you! This book will best serve you if viewed on the Desktop version of Kindle right along side of Blender.Happy Blending!

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Rendu 3D avec Blender et Cycles

Rendu 3D avec Blender et

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Blender 2.6 Cycles: Materials and Textures Cookbook

Blender 2.6 Cycles: Materials and Textures

In DetailCycles is Blender’s new, powerful rendering engine. Using practical examples, this book will show you how to create a vast array of realistic and stunning materials and texture effects using the Cycles rendering engine.Blender 2.6 Cycles: Materials and Textures Cookbook is a practical journey into the new and exciting Cycles rendering engine for Blender. In this book you will learn how to create a vast array of materials and textures in Cycles, including glass, ice, snow, rock, metal and water. If you want to take your 3D models to the next level, but don’t know how, then this cookbook is for you!In this practical cookbook, you will learn how to create stunning materials and textures to really bring your 3D models to life! Diving deep into Cycles you will learn Cycle’s node-based material system, how to set-up a 3D scene for rendering, how to create a natural and man-made materials as well as the correct organization and re-use of Cycles materials to save you time and effort.To ensure that your creations look stunning you will learn how illumination works in Cycles, improve the quality of the final render and to avoid the presence of noise and fireflies. Each chapter of Blender 2.6 Cycles: Materials and Textures Cookbook builds on the complexity of the last so that...


Blender - La Guida Definitiva - volume 2 - ITA (Italian Edition)

Blender - La Guida Definitiva - volume 2

Questo è il secondo dei 5 volumi di "Blender - La Guida Definitiva", giunto alla seconda edizione, aggiornata alla 2.8x.Questa guida completa, impostata secondo un percorso formativo definito di tipo "enciclopedico", esamina a fondo ogni aspetto di Blender, il famoso software open source di grafica 3D, con centinaia di immagini e decine di esercizi pratici.In questo secondo volume, si analizzeranno:- il motore di rendering Blender Internal;- il motore di rendering Cycles e il sistema nodale;- i materiali;- la modalità Texture Paint;- i metodi per creare texture seamless;- parentele e vincoli;- Inquadratura;- illuminazione.

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Blender Videocorso. Speciale Natale (Esperto in un click) (Italian Edition)

Blender Videocorso. Speciale Natale (Esperto in un click)

Contiene 110 minuti di videotutorial!Videocorsi in ebook: una modalità integrata per la fruizione di contenuti testuali e audio/video. All'interno dell'ebook trovi i link per i video in streaming e il testo riguardante la lezione. Puoi inoltre effettuare il download completo di tutti i video (110 minuti totali), per visualizzarli separatamente e autonomamente, andando alla sezione dedicata.Questo speciale di Blender Videocorso contiene quasi due ore di videotutorial per la creazione e il rendering completo di un allestimento natalizio.Andrea Coppola ti guida nella realizzazione di una struttura addobbata a festa con una copertura di legno lamellare. Inizierai con la modellazione dell'ambiente per poi passare all'applicazione dei materiali, ultimando l'intero allestimento.Potrai scaricare i file necessari e il progetto completo tramite l'apposito link nella relativa sezione dell'ebook.L'autoreAndrea Coppola, architetto, designer, costruttore e 3D artist, vive e lavora dividendosi tra Roma (dove si occupa principalmente di interni) e il Kenya (dove realizza strutture residenziali e turistiche).Titolare dello studio L.A.A.R. (, ha lavorato per anni nel settore degli interni, ristrutturando e arredando decine di appartamenti e ville principalmente ...


Virtual Airplane - Detailing and Rendering: Create realistic aircraft models using free software: Blender, GIMP, and Inkscape (English Edition)

Virtual Airplane - Detailing and Rendering: Create realistic

The four volumes of the "Virtual Airplane" series will teach you how to create the model shown on the cover. It assumes that you may know nothing about the 3D modeling software, so it starts the course from the very basics (in Volume I and Volume II). In subsequent volumes the author builds a computer model of the P-40B fighter. Every step of this workflow is shown in numerous illustrations.This last volume ("Detailing and Rendering") teaches how to finish a 3D digital model of a historical aircraft. This book demonstrates some advanced modeling techniques, as well as additional materials and textures (used to recreate cockpit interior and landing gear elements). In the final chapter it shows how to compose a convincing scene using a 3D model and a background photo. In this volume you can find:Advanced modeling techniques - like simultaneous deformation of multiple objects, or using a curve to control the mesh shapeMethods used to recreate complex mechanical assemblies, like the complete landing gearRigging ("mechanization") of various movable parts, like the control surfaces or landing gear (its extension and retraction)Creation of the cockpit interiorCreation of other minor details (cowling flaps, landing light, position lights, wing flap mechanism, etc.)Introduction to postpro...

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