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Stolen Girl - I was an innocent schoolgirl. I was targeted, raped and abused by a gang of sadistic men. But that was just the beginning ... this is my terrifying true story

Stolen Girl - I was an innocent schoolgirl.

Katie was an innocent 13-year-old schoolgirl when she was targeted, raped and abused by a gang of sadistic men. But that was just the beginning…Bullied from an early age Katie had low self-esteem which made her a prime target for the paedophile that followed her home from school. In the following months she was systematically groomed and raped by a group of predatory Asian men who separated her from her friends and passed her between them. But it was the ring leader Zeb who lured her with drugs and alcohol before raping her at a secret house which he used to exploit young girls. Katie's abuse went on for two agonizing years until Zeb came up with an even more sickening plan. Stolen Girl is the shocking true story of a lost childhood innocence but it is also one of hope and how Katie found the strength and courage not only to escape her abusers but to bring them to justice.

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Asian Exchange Student: Erotica For Men With Explicit Sex! (School Girl Exchange Book 1) (English Edition)

Asian Exchange Student: Erotica For Men With Explicit

Mr Michaels never wanted to send his kids to a private school. It was too expensive and created snobs. His wife demanded it though.Mr Michaels was just as adverse to taking on an exchange student from a sister school in Japan but, again, his wife insisted and now, on top of the already-exorbitant school fees, Pete Michaels is forced to feed and house yet another teenager.It doesn't take long for the eighteen year old Japanese exchange student to swallow all of Mr Michael's preconceived notions though...Now includes a 3,000 word preview of The Perks Of Being A Producer and a 3,000 word preview of The Perks of Being A Sugardaddy absolutely free!

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Slavery at Sea: Terror, Sex, and Sickness in the Middle Passage (New Black Studies)

Slavery at Sea: Terror, Sex, and Sickness in

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The Naughty Cafe (English Edition)

The Naughty Cafe (English

Maki wants to work at a maid café to meet cute boys. The sexy girls she meets are far more interesting. She modifies her school uniform in order to look sexy and shows up on time for auditions willing to do anything to get the job. After meeting Aya, the beautiful head maid, she finds herself more eager to please than ever and is soon given the opportunity to prove herself when it comes time for the others girls to “inspect” her. Does innocent Maki have what it takes to prove that she can be a sexy and submissive maid? Will she achieve her dream of becoming a boy magnet, or will she find that this café has even more delicious treats to offer? Sexy Hazing RitualsA Girl on Girl OrgyHuge Sex ToysHumiliation/Objectification


Trapped in Bangkok (English Edition)

Trapped in Bangkok (English

Alice, a girl recently kidnapped from a college campus, wakes to find herself in a nightmare in a foreign country. She, along with three other girls she meets in the dungeon-like facility, are forced to do things she would never consider doing, just to stay alive. In another part of the training grounds, an American girl named Jenna is almost completely conditioned to obey her masters, a fate that awaits all girls who arrive there. When freelance reporter Ben Hapgood gets wind of a gang possibly kidnapping and selling American girls, he has to find out if it is true, even if it means risking his life. With the help of a crackerjack researcher and a rogue FBI agent, Ben travels to Bangkok to follow a tenuous lead. Once there, he pretends to be a rich cattle rancher looking for a well-trained, submissive girl to buy. What he finds will shock him! Can he help rescue the girls?

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Spring Broken: Shipped Overseas And Sold As A Sex Slave (English Edition)

Spring Broken: Shipped Overseas And Sold As A

“If you’re not paying, you’re the product."Bryce would do well to remember that old cliche the day he spots the advertisement offering an all-expenses-paid trip to Japan. But the promise of a free vacation proves too tempting for the handsome college freshman to resist, and Bryce soon discovers that everything has its price, including him. In short order, our young hero will find himself unwittingly plunged into a secret world of sex and bondage where he and his friends are reduced to the sexual playthings of some of Japan’s richest and most powerful men. It's a spring break that Bryce will never forget–and possibly, never escape!Thrill along with Bryce over the course of this blisteringly-hot, full-length erotic novel as he struggles to accept and understand his blossoming sexuality, the allure of submission, and his burgeoning, confusing feelings for his best friend and travel companion. Join Bryce and his fellow spring breakers as they embark on a non-stop exploration of domination, humiliation, degradation, and heretofore unimagined heights of physical ecstasy! M. Stonehouse's stunning, stylistic prose and captivating erotic imagery make SPRING BROKEN impossible to put down. Fans of Stonehouse's other books, LEARNING HIS PLACE, PLEASING PATRICK and BOBBY'S BIG BLAST...

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Couples Massage: Her Surprize (Sex Adventures Book 1) (English Edition)

Couples Massage: Her Surprize (Sex Adventures Book 1)

The sexual adventures of Paul and Anne. Co-workers who found themselves falling in love and how they made it work.Anne is married and never imagined she could be unfaithful or in love with another man. Paul, had wanted to be with Anne for a very long time and had put them in situations where they were alone together as he continued to wear her down.Paul, despised Anne's husband he saw him as a loser who couldn't live without his wife's supporting him. Anne believed she was being a good wife for many years not wanting to believe her husband was using her. It had not been like this in the beginning but, their relationship had broken down the past two years when Anne found herself falling under Paul's charm.Paul is also married in a dead relationship. He lives his own life as he expects his wife to do as well.

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Asian Domination - Lesbian BDSM Erotica (English Edition)

Asian Domination - Lesbian BDSM Erotica (English

WARNING: This is a Lesbian BDSM erotica short story for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen and the story contains scenes of sex and penetration etc...Anna is paired with a cute Asian beauty for a coursework assignment on the second day of a two week college course. It brings on her fantasies of taking control of the Asian girl for sex and she begins to make a play for her. The Asian girl seems interested and agrees to an invitation to study at her new friend’s home. Anna sees this as a green light to use her, only to find the tables being turned as her new Asian friend takes control and ties her up and dominates her.

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